Recycled Diary Entry #2: ‘Honesty vs Imagery’ v.2 By Steve O’Key

The Awkward Boyfriends

Honest vs Imagery

Good mood.


Trying to sleep.

pictures crying blood weep.

Tell me I’ve misunderstood.

You know it’s not real.

It’s alright.

curse gets worse children dying set alight.

screaming. Crying.


Switch the light on.

Shared bed.

Shaking. Scared.

Getting late. Wide awake.

Try to sleep.

Stuck too deep.


bodies moving breaking

wasting exhausting holocaust

gas mask straight back she.


Sh-She tries to calm me.

With pictures

of Us.


A quiet room.

That calm, commercial hotel art.

A cold stone hearth

for feet to escape

a huggable heat.

Mahogany walls that cradle

a crooning fireplace

to light up

an empty space a starved face

severed head single bed

rotting corpse staring upwards




self-harm air raid alarms bleeding arms

sprayed red.

It’s in your head.




Sleep with the light on.

T-shirt too tight on.

Awake with…

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