I Dream of Cats Called Bashō

Sunshine holds our lounge

The cats can finally dream

A long sigh, and SPRING.


Outgrowing Ourselves by Steve O’Key

The Awkward Boyfriends

Adore us, please,

with pasta cuddling our sleeves

and spaghetti splashed Buzz Lightyear tees

So loved by stains they almost breathe

And bubble when they feel unclean

We dribble like we’re in a dream

We’re students.

Bored, drunk and sweaty

Man, I hope Buzz Lightyear likes spaghetti.

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Recycled Diary Entry #2: ‘Honesty vs Imagery’ v.2 By Steve O’Key

The Awkward Boyfriends

Honest vs Imagery

Good mood.


Trying to sleep.

pictures crying blood weep.

Tell me I’ve misunderstood.

You know it’s not real.

It’s alright.

curse gets worse children dying set alight.

screaming. Crying.


Switch the light on.

Shared bed.

Shaking. Scared.

Getting late. Wide awake.

Try to sleep.

Stuck too deep.


bodies moving breaking

wasting exhausting holocaust

gas mask straight back she.


Sh-She tries to calm me.

With pictures

of Us.


A quiet room.

That calm, commercial hotel art.

A cold stone hearth

for feet to escape

a huggable heat.

Mahogany walls that cradle

a crooning fireplace

to light up

an empty space a starved face

severed head single bed

rotting corpse staring upwards




self-harm air raid alarms bleeding arms

sprayed red.

It’s in your head.




Sleep with the light on.

T-shirt too tight on.

Awake with…

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A Reason To Live

The news caved in above me,
when it entered through your ear.
My heart skipped its first beat,
while yours I couldn’t hear,
Although it hurts listen to me
and I’ll teach you not to fear.
For He may have gone to sleep now
but I’ll be waking up this year.

So kiss my brother on the forehead.
Tie his boots to his feet.
Take his hand and hold it tightly,
while you walk us ‘cross the street
and over to the graveyard,
crawling through the storm
to make a pact with the angels
that have come along to mourn.

That says you’ll cherish these moments,
for love’s the only thing,
That will keep us now from screaming
and later teach us how to sing.
We will all be with you,
to guide the tears off your cheeks,
when another day reminds you
of the previous weeks.

So I’ll be the ticket in your pocket,
’till you find a place to be.
Take your troubles along with you
and scatter them in the sea.
Though memories will scar you
while His shadow still remains,
the tear stains on your cheeks
will wash away again.

You can share my heartbeat,
if you’ll teach me how to speak.
I promise I’ll be good, Mum
and help you find your feet.
Tell my brother “He’s in heaven.
‘Cause they need him in the clouds
to keep the sky from collapsing
And the sun from falling down.”

So when we return to snowy streets,
In the winter up ahead.
There we will be lying,
in the hospital bed.
And as the years fall down behind us,
you can watch me grow.
I’ll tread in the footprints
He left in the snow.


Purple skies
Aloud and in the heights
dream clouds saunter by
Towing in the nights
And in the cold depths of my room
I’m thinking of you,
With old fantasies seeping through
The gap in the curtains
And I climb deep into the sights
To know for certain
What can brighten my eyes
When I turn out the lights
I’m stargazing at you,
Always you.