The Marionette #3

Arthur pulled his puppet parents out of the wardrobe and dragged them across the room by their necks. Sitting down on the bed to rest his leg, he grabbed the two wooden control bars of the puppets and hoisted them onto their feet. His parents hung before him helplessly – his father in his left hand and his mother in his right. Arthur was finally in charge. The puppet show began.

Arthur stared intently, imagining an old stage, huge red curtains and a packed audience in which he had a front row seat. He mumbled a fanfare and as his hands twitched and bounced, the smiling puppets skipped to centre stage and burst into a slapstick fight. His father swung at his mother and managed to chip her painted smile. She swung back at him, knocking off a loosely fastened eye. Whimpering, he half-heartedly looked around for his eye while she laughed at him through the gritted teeth of her broken smile.

Arthur could hardly believe that he was grinning. His jaw jammed ajar as though his joints had rusted or some higher being had possessed him. Perhaps he too had only a painted smile. Regardless, the two helpless demons continued fighting, getting increasingly battered by the brawl. Each hit brought whimper and howl as the parents deconstructed one another and the audience cheered.

This continued for a while until, arms aching a little, Arthur did away with the stage, the curtains and the audience. He sat his parents down on his lap and tilting their heads, he made sure they were paying close attention.

 ‘How do you like it, huh?’

He forced his father to nod his head and a response fell out with near perfect timing.

‘Rotten child.’

Arthur suppressed a scream and quickly discarded his mother before he began repeatedly striking his father. Soon, his anger bettering him, he hit his father a little too hard. He grazed one hand, and lost his grip with the other; his father fell to the floor. Reaching down to regain control of him, he noticed the puppet’s other eye had broken off and was lying beside him. His mother was damaged too. All but a few red and white spots of her painted smile had worn off. So with one blind and one mute, his puppet parents would no longer torment him.

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